Connected in Christ

Envisioning a communicating, sharing, and outreaching community

The Deanery of Algoma Communications Committee arose out of a discerned need to increase awareness of activity within the deanery and to ultimately encourage community among parishes, with the hope of increased recognition of our unity in Jesus Christ.

The Deanery of Algoma stretches along a major corridor for travelers across our country and therefore it is important to communicate details about our parishes; regular service times, special service times, events, etc. for those travelling and wishing to connect with others.

At the same time, much of what we do as the church participating in God’s mission for the world extends beyond our Sunday services and beyond the walls of our buildings, making communication within our wider communities vital.  This includes sharing information about ministries that reach into the community and other activities where the church is engaged with surrounding communities.

We hope that this blog will aid in meeting these communication needs and be a place where we can share our common faith in Christ.

The Algoma Deanery Communications Committee

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