Algoma Deanery Week of May 8, 2023

Good day,

Our Synod begins this week! Wednesday, May 10 at 7pm is the opening worship at the Cathedral followed by a reception down the street at St. Andrew’s United Church.

Christ Church is having another fundraising dinner. The following is their advertising blurb:

It is time for another Fundraising Dinner, also known as Deficit Dinner (our ninth) at Christ Church.  The date is Friday, May 19th @ 5:30 PM.  As with our other dinners, a reservation is required.  Cost of a reservation/ticket is $25.00 and can be purchased from me–Bonnie or Laura.  We can be reached by email or phone 705-779-2858 or or phone 705-254-2477. 

The menu for this month’s dinner is:

Appetizer–Bacon crispy top Mac & Cheese


Entree—Baked breaded pork chop with mushroom wine sauce served over rice pilaf and with roasted carrot potato medley

Homemade Buns

Dessert—Mississippi Mud Pie

I am foregoing the “Liturgical Note” this week – although, just let me put in a plug for the Easter Season in which we still find ourselves. Please continue to keep the joy and hope of the Easter Gospel fresh in your minds – it is still Easter and we are still celebrating. Pentecost is the final day of the Easter Season…Happy Easter everyone!!

Thy Kingdom Come: the annual worldwide prayer event is coming soon. I’ll say more about this next week. It begins on the Ascension of the Lord and continues until the Day of Pentecost. It is the time when we deliberately pray for people around us to enter into the knowledge and love of God.  

For Your Devotions:

Monday, May 8th is the commemoration of Julian of Norwich, Spiritual Teacher, died about 1417.  For starters, this isn’t her real name – we don’t know her real name. She was named after the church in Norwich where she was the anchoress for many years. We really don’t know much about her life either but we do know that many people visited her for spiritual counsel. Her famous writing, Revelations of Divine Love, tell us even more…While lying on her deathbed at the age of 30, Julian saw visions of the crucified Christ and received insight into his sufferings. Julian then lived for more than 40 years afterward! Her writing “reveals  an intelligent, sensitive and very down-to-earth woman who  maintains her trust in God’s goodness whilst addressing doubt, fear and deep theological questions.” To read more:

Friday, May 12th is the commemoration of Florence Nightingale, Nurse, Social Reformer, died in 1910. Despite strong resistance from her family (nursing was not considered a suitable occupation for a lady of her status), Florence entered nursing school and eventually ended up in Turkey caring for British and Allied soldiers during the Crimean War. Under her high standards, the mortality rate decreased dramatically and she became known as “the lady of the lamp” because she dedicated her time to the soldiers during the dark hours of the night. To read more…

In Easter joy,


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