Soo Anglican Youth Group

Youth (ages 13-18) from parishes in Sault Ste. Marie and area are invited to come out to the Soo Anglican Youth Group, to explore what it is to live out our faith, ask questions, share stories and have a whole lot of fun!

The Soo Anglican Youth Group was formed in early November as a response to Algoma Deanery youth who expressed a desire for a cross-parish youth group after attending Youth Synod in June 2014. They wanted an opportunity to continue to build relationships with one another in Christ, but realized that they attended different parishes.  Not letting this stop them, the group of determined youth asked Rev’d Pam Rayment, Algoma Deanery Child and Youth Ministry Facilitator, to help figure out a way for them to gather without parochial boundaries becoming a barrier.  After recruiting two other group leaders (Rev’d Patrick McManus and Mike Amirault) and a youth mentor, the group began.

Initially, it was hoped that the group would be somewhat nomadic, moving from parish to parish in an effort to stay true to the cross-parish dynamic of the group, however locale mix ups occurred early on, illustrating the need for a single location.  Since then, “the loft” at St. Matthew’s has become the gathering place for the Soo Anglican Youth Group, and has been well embraced by the youth, as seen in their desire to ‘decorate’ the space with couches and bean bag chairs!

The group gathers every other Tuesday from 7-9 pm at St. Matthew’s Anglican Church (1643 Wellington Ave) and all youth (13-18) are welcome.  Check the Deanery Event Calendar for the next gathering.  If you have questions, please feel free to email Rev’d Pamela Rayment, Deanery Child and Youth Ministry Facilitator.

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