Junior, Boy’s & Girl’s Auxiliaries

A little history….

These auxiliaries have existed for ninety years or so, and members come from St. Luke’s Cathedral, other Anglican churches in the Sault Ste. Marie area, other denominations and the community at large.  The basic goal is to provide a sanctuary where young people achieve a sense of their own self-worth.  They are encouraged to try new things and each child is invited to share what they might wish to do during any given year.  The program is based on five basic aims:  to pray, to learn, to work, to give, to tell.

The program tries to work around everyone’s busy schedules.  Several members are involved in competitive sports, dance and music, yet it all seems to work out.  New members are invited to take part in all activities.  For instance, in plays, new members can be actors or help out behind the scenes with sound effects, lighting and other interesting activities.  If they are shy but with to take part, roles are written to match what they wish to do.  The children and teens choose which charities they wish to support.  Last year PWRDF Famine Relief, Humane Society and teen leader Willow Morton’s Me to We Project were all supported.  Children can join at any time during the year.

The group breaks into age groups where appropriate and gather again for games and snacks.  There is a core group of ten leaders including Dean McShane and teen leaders, all who offer their many skills as teachers and coaches.  Children receive recognition for their many accomplishments at a year-end awards service and ceremony, plus this year there will be a heritage banquet featuring heritage food and clothing.  These banquets are a lot of fun!

The group is also an official representative of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award program for our group and others who are interested (www.dukeofed.org).  There are currently Gold and Bronze Award candidates from this group in the program.  Last year one of the teen leaders successfully achieved a Silver Level Award.

Join this year’s dual theme: Our Personal and City Heritage, all in the midst of drama, music, dance, puppetry, Scripture, crafts, games, special outlining, parties, snacks, laughter and of course a gallon of giggles!

Productions for this year include, The Toys in the Attic (Christmas 2015) and The Never Song based on J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan (Spring 2016).

For children 5 & up
St. Luke’s Cathedral
160 Brock St. SSM
Saturdays 12-1:30pm
October 2015 – April 2016
(beginning October 3, 2015)


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