Associate for Congregational Vitality

The Deanery of Algoma is looking for someone to fill the the new position of Deanery Associate for Congregational Vitality.


The Deanery Associate for Congregational Vitality supports the congregations of Algoma Deanery by ensuring the provision of local and area-wide initiatives fostering congregational health, discipleship, and formation. The Associate’s duties include:

  1. Consultation with parishes and the Diocesan Congregational Development Officer to assist with the ongoing assessment of congregational vitality and needs;
  2. Organization of educational events and other initiatives in the Deanery designed to further congregational, deanery, and diocesan priorities in liturgical renewal, discipleship formation, missional activity, and other matters related to church vitality;
  3. Promote a culture in the deanery’s congregations that inspires, equips, and supports youth and young adults to live more authentically engaged Christian lives;
  4. Assist with deanery social media development/communication strategies, and transportation strategies to support participation in deanery events;
  5. Development and support of individuals to share in the above work;
  6. Advocate for ecumenical/interdenominational opportunities in the above areas.

The Associate’s ministry is rooted in the conviction that congregational vitality is necessary for the sake of fulfilling the church’s vocation to be a “sign, foretaste, and instrument” of God’s Kingdom, rather than simply preserving institutions or congregations. Vital congregations are where lives are changed in fulfillment of our mission to make disciples and serve as witnesses to the gospel in the world.

For this position, previous experience in community development and/or faith formation, familiarity with church communities, particularly in the Anglican tradition, and the ability to work collaboratively in pastoral settings are assets. The position requires some travel in an area stretching from White River in the west to Blind River in the east.

Applications for this position will be accepted until 5:00 p.m. on October 31, 2017 with an expected start date of January 1, 2018.

For full details please download the entire position description which includes renumeration:
Associate for Congregational Vitality – Deanery of Algoma 2017


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