To Enrich Your Daily Devotions…


Holy Days and Commemorations Week of Mar.19th:
Monday, March 19th is the Holy Day of St. Joseph of Nazareth – beautiful service and brief write-up here… (If you go to this site after the Morning Prayer time has ended, select Morning Prayer from top left)
Tuesday, March 20th is the commemoration of Cuthbert, Bishop of Lindisfarne & missionary, died 687 – hailed as a miracle worker and one of the earliest wildlife conservationists!
Wed., March 21st is the commemoration of Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury, burned at the stake on this day in 1556; he is VERY important to Anglicans…
Thursday, March 22nd is the commemoration of Thomas Ken, Bishop of Bath and Wells, died 1711 – royal chaplain to Charles II
Friday, March 23rd is the commemoration of Gregory the Illuminator, Bishop of Armenia, died about 322 – he was rescued from his imprisonment in a burial pit then converted the king who had been responsible for putting him there!
Sat., March 24th is the commemoration of Cyril of Jerusalem, died about 386 – he’s the one responsible for establishing the pilgrimage by all of Christendom to the Holy City:

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