Coming Soon…

In April:

1. Taize at St. Jerome’s, April 11, 7pm (26 Carmel Rd., SSM)
2. Gospel Country Music at Zion Lutheran, April 13, 7pm (189 Upton Rd., SSM)
3. The Faery Queen’s Heart, April 22, 1pm, at the Cathedral
Wonder why there are 50 days of Easter? Check this out….
Next Monday, April 9th, is the “Annunciation of the Lord to the Blessed Virgin Mary”. It’s usually March 25th but is moved if it falls during Holy Week. Here are the prayers and readings for your devotions on that Holy Day…
That site uses the BCP so the language and readings are a little different. If you’d prefer, it’s p.403 of our BAS. The readings for the Daily Office (when you’re not having a Eucharist) are on p.495 of the BAS. Here’s the link:
Have a joyous Easter season!

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