This week in Algoma (and around the world)

Good day everyone!
Saturday, May 5th is a big day…Deanery Council begins at 9:30 a.m. at St. Peter’s in Sault Ste Marie (359 Douglas Street).  For those of you who don’t need to be there, fun can be had at Echo Bay For Sale.  St. George’s will open their doors bright and early at 8:00 a.m. to welcome you in to peruse their treasures (159 Church Street).
A Reminder…Monday, May 7th, you’re invited to attend the opening service of our clergy conference! Bishop Anne would like to see this event well attended to hear Bishop Poole and witness to the canonization of The Rev. Barbara Graham. The service begins at 7pm – 160 Brock Street, Sault Ste Marie, Ontario.
 A Heads Up…Sunday, May 13th is not just Mothers’ Day 🙂  It is the 7th Sunday of Easter and has been designated as Jerusalem Sunday.  This is to raise awareness to the fact that this Holy City is the place where three faiths collide and where much work is being done to form bonds of love based on understanding and awareness. Please join me in supporting their efforts by acknowledging this important day. You can find resources and information here:
Another Reminder…Thy Kingdom Come prayer initiative begins Ascension Day (May 10th) and runs until The Day of Pentecost (May 20th). This is an opportunity to join in prayer with thousands of other Christians around the world. It is meant to foster a closer relationship with God, through Christ, with the power of the Holy Spirit by asking people to make a conscious effort to add to their daily prayer life and to bring more people into life in God’s love by mentioning this event to others. This link will take you to the “why” of Thy Kingdom Come and then you can navigate from there to find resources or whatever you’d like…
This week for your devotions:
Monday, April 30th is the commemoration of Marie de l’Incarnation:
Tuesday, May 1st is the Holy Day of the apostles St. Philip and St. James:
Wednesday, May 2nd is the memorial of Athanasius, Bishop of Alexandria (a champion of our faith) …
Many blessings to you this day!

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