This Week in Algoma Deanery

Good day, everyone!
The Thy Kingdom Come ecumenical prayer initiative is ongoing until Pentecost. It’s not too late to learn more about it and sign up:
The Church Closet at St. George’s, Echo Bay, will be open each Saturday until September 15th. More info is available here:
Sunday, May 20th is Pentecost. You may want to get more into the spirit of the day (no pun intended, honestly) by wearing red or orange that day. If you’re wondering what the word actually means, check this out:
For your devotions this week:
Today, Monday, May 14th, is the Holy Day of St. Mattias the Apostle. If you’re wondering who that is, you’re not alone – he’s only mentioned once in the New Testament despite his dedicated discipleship. He died a gruesome martyr’s death (according to legend):
Saturday, May 19th is the commemoration of Dunstan, Archbishop of Canterbury. He was born into a noble family but began his religious career as a monk and a hermit. His life was often in peril but, surprisingly for that time period, he was not martyred. He died in 988:
Many blessings to you this week!

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