An Exciting Week Ahead…Bishop Rob arrives in our deanery!

Good morning, everyone!
Tuesday, June 19th…The Echo Bay & Area Food Bank is open from 1-2pm in the United Church, 220 Church Street, Echo Bay
Thursday, June 21st is National Indigenous Peoples’ Day…Perhaps your congregation is marking this somehow?
Friday, June 22nd from 3-8pm and Saturday, June 23rd from 8am-12pm…St. Peter’s is having their garage sale; 359 Douglas Street, Sault Ste Marie
Saturday, June 23rd…The Church Closet at St. George’s in Echo Bay,159 Church Street, is open from 10am-2pm
Saturday, June 23rd…The Cycling Bishop arrives!! 4pm at the Cathedral – please come show your support for this worthwhile cause. Potluck and service to follow at the Garden River Community Centre. The supper will likely start somewhere between 5-5:30 but the Centre will be open from 4pm onwards to bring food.
In your devotions this week:
Monday, June 18th (today) is the memorial of Bernard Mizeki (born Mamiyeri Mitseka Gwambewho) who was martyred in Zimbabwe in 1896. Although he knew his life was in danger, he chose to stay during a rebellion against Europeans and Christians. He was dragged from his home and stabbed to death. There is some mystery surrounding his death…
Friday, June 22nd is the memorial of Alban, the first martyr of Britain in about 209. This is an absolutely fascinating story you must read. Alban was actually a Roman soldier who harboured a Christian priest and was converted. When soldiers arrived at his door, Alban disguised himself as the priest and ended up being beheaded for his new faith. Alban was the first martyr in Britain but his death resulted in the 2nd and 3rd martyrs. To find out who they were…
Sunday, June 24th is the Holy Day of The Birth of Saint John the Baptist. This is one of the few feasts that takes precedence of a Sunday. Every Sunday is a celebration of the Paschal Mystery and are, therefore, feasts of the Lord.(This is why secular occasions such as Remembrance Day and Canada Day should be acknowledged but not dominate the Sunday worship.) Saints’ days, as a result, are not transferred to Sundays (with the exception of your church’s patron saint – and even then, not in Advent, Lent, or Easter).  Because The Birth of St. John the Baptist takes precedence, the liturgical colour on Sunday will be white, not green.
I pray for you all to have a week bursting with blessings!

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