September in Algoma Deanery

Good day!

Sundays in September…Please consider participating in the Alzheimer Society Fundraiser called “Coffee Break”. Each parish incumbent has the details.

The Church Closet will wrap up for the winter months on September 15th by having a huge sale. You can fill a bag with clothes or treasures of any sort for just $5.00. You can fill three bags for $10.00! Check it out…11 am until 1 pm, 159 Church Street, Echo Bay.

The Lay Reader/Lay Leader conference is the last weekend in September. I haven’t had anyone tell me that they’re going. Please let me know, thanks. (

Upcoming Events to Note:

Our national church Youth Animator is coming to Sault Ste Marie for the weekend of October 26 – 28.  We haven’t hammered out the exact details yet but you’re all invited. 🙂

Our annual Algoma Deanery Lay Reader/Lay Leader Advent gathering will be centred around learning more about prayer this year. It will be partly a relaxing retreat and partly a workshop. I will definitely have one gathering in Sault Ste Marie but, for those of you who don’t want to travel, please let me know if there is another location I should consider and then I’ll pick the dates.

For Your Devotions:

Monday, September 3rd is the memorial of Gregory the Great, Bishop of Rome, who died in 604. Gregory was born into a wealthy, noble family and by the age of 30 held a top administrative position in Rome. He gave it all up to become a monk when his father died. Gregory tried to refuse the position of pope but, when he was elected anyway, he accepted and the rest is history as the saying goes. Gregory did some great things for the church. To find out more, check this out:

Tuesday, September 4th is the commemoration of the first recorded Anglican eucharist in Canada, 1578. This eucharist was celebrated on board the ship of the third Frobisher expedition to the Canadian Arctic. For more details about this and a couple of other landmark occasions, you can go here:

Saturday, September 8th is the memorial of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Although information like this is not in our Scriptures, there is a writing dating from about 150 AD which says that Mary’s mother, Anna, was barren until visited by an angel after which, Mary was conceived. You may have noticed that our calendar celebrations are marked on the day of the death of the person being acknowledged but Mary is one of just three people whose birthday is celebrated. To find out why, follow this link:

Have a glorious day!

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