In Algoma Deanery this Week

Thursday, October 18th…White Elephant, Holy Trinity, SSM (352 Northern Ave.), 10:30 am – 1 pm

Saturday, October 20th…Junior Girls’ and Boys’ Auxiliaries at St. Luke’s Cathedral, SSM (160 Brock St.), 12-1:30 pm.

Coming quickly…The Youth Animator Weekend, October 26, 27, 28. If you’re in the area, please join us for an amazing learning experience! Everyone is welcome. If you’re busy on Saturday, you can still come to the Friday evening liturgy and social time. All of the information you need is here:  Youth Animator Weekend October 26 to 28 deanery information

For Your Devotions:

Monday, October 15th is the commemoration of Teresa of Avila, a Spiritual Teacher and Reformer who died in 1582. At the tender age of seven, Teresa convinced her brother to join her in martyrdom but their uncle got wind of the idea and caught up to them as they were headed into the nearby city to ask the Moors to decapitate them!  Teresa spent a few years in a Carmelite Convent in 1535 but it wasn’t until 1555, when she experienced a spiritual awakening, that she realized she was called to reform this order which had become quite lax. She founded convents which strictly adhered to the vow of poverty and which were 100% dependent on public donations despite the fact that she faced a lot of hostility because of this. Teresa worked tirelessly for reform regardless of this backlash and her own frail health. By the way, she is also the patron saint of headache sufferers. Hmmm. To read more:

Wednesday, October 17th is the memorial of Ignatius of Antioch, martyred around 115 AD. Actually, most experts place his death at least five years before that. Ignatius was born about 35 AD – just a few years after the crucifixion of Jesus and so he lived at the same time that many of the apostles were still alive! Being a church history geek, I find that really exciting. On the way to his death, Ignatius continued to write to fellow believers and it is in these letters that we find extremely early records of our three-fold church structure (i.e. bishops, presbyters, and deacons) already in place. In these letters we also find his arguments against the Docetists who claimed that Jesus’ human form was only an illusion and therefore his sufferings weren’t actually real. Some people say calling Ignatius a martyr is not accurate because he actually wanted to die in order to be with God and to become a word of the Lord instead of just another human voice. To read more:

Thursday, October 18th is the Holy Day of St. Luke the Evangelist. The link I’ve provided has a great video that provides many fascinating facts about this man who is believed to be the Luke – the beloved physician – mentioned in Paul’s writings and who was the only one who remained with Paul to the end. Because of our modern concept of ‘physicians’ we think that Luke must have been independent and well-off but, it was actually common at that time to train household slaves in medicine so that the family would have access to their own private doctor. For more info:

Friday, October 19th is the memorial of Jean de Brebeuf, Isaac Jogues, and their Companions who were missionaries and martyrs in New France in 1642-49.  The link provides an astounding story of eight Jesuit priests who journeyed to Quebec to proclaim the gospel among the Hurons. Jogues and others actually visited the Sault area in 1641! To read about the people named as the first Canadian martyrs, go here:

Have a fabulous week.

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