What’s Up in Algoma Deanery

Good day!

Thursday, June 27th is the White Elephant at Holy Trinity, SSM (352 Northern Ave.); 10:30am-1pm.

Saturday, June 29th is the annual Strawberry Festival at St. James, Goulais River (112 Anglican Church Rd.); 11am-1pm….Yummy treats, music, and more!

Saturday, June 29th is also the Church Closet at St. George, Echo Bay (159 Church St.); 10am-1pm.

For Your Devotions:

Monday, June 24th is the Holy Day of the The Birth of Saint John the Baptist. John was born to prepare the way for the Saviour of the world…the Lord Jesus Christ. Luke first introduces us to John’s parents – Elizabeth and Zechariah – and draws unmistakeable parallels between them and Abraham and Sarah.  Luke creates through John a bridge between the Old and New Testaments. For All the Saints says, “the birth of John the Baptist gathered up and embodied the whole truth of the Old Testament and made it ready for its own perfection in Christ Jesus.” To read more, check out p.204…  https://www.anglican.ca/wp-content/uploads/ForAlltheSaints.pdf

Friday, June 28th is the memorial of Irenaeus, Bishop Lyons, Teacher of the Faith, died about 202. Irenaeus was one of the main opponents to Gnosticism (a heresy which threatened the early Church). Through his writings against Gnosticism, we have Irenaeus to thank in large part for our current creed, the canon of Scripture, and the authority of the episcopal office. He is thought to have been born around 120 A.D. and to have died about 203 A.D. Irenaeus knew Polycarp who, reportedly, knew John the Apostle…I think that’s cool! For more info: https://www.britannica.com/biography/Saint-Irenaeus

Saturday, June 29th is the Holy Day of the Apostles St. Peter and St. Paul. If your church is named after one of these saints, you can transfer this day to Sunday. Have you ever wondered why the two greatest apostles of the early Church share a Holy Day? This is because they are believed to have been martyred during the same persecution of Christians by Nero in 64 A.D. (They are celebrated separately, Peter for his Confession and Paul for his Conversion, on our calendar as well). To read about these biblical greats, have a look at p.208… https://www.anglican.ca/wp-content/uploads/ForAlltheSaints.pdf

Have a great week!

2 thoughts on “What’s Up in Algoma Deanery

  1. Hi Susan, the White Elephant sale is over for the summer. Beginning again in September

    The Rev. Claire Miller Holy Trinity Anglican Church 352 Northern Ave E Sault Ste. Marie, ON P6B 4J1 705-992-4032


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