This Week in Algoma Deanery

Good day!

I won’t be sending out a post next Monday since I will be at Camp Manitou (as their chaplain) without my computer!  I discovered that there are no calendar observances for our devotions next week and only two for this week. However, General Synod 2019 begins this week and continues into the following week (July 10 – July 16) so please pray for Archbishop Anne and our delegates and for the entire body of Synod. Here is the link to the letter that Archbishop Anne sent out regarding Synod…

Much like the calendar observances, the weekly happenings are super sparse too! Saturdays until September 14th is The Church Closet in the parish hall of St. George, 159 Church St., Echo Bay; 10am-1pm.

This coming Saturday (July 13th) at Holy Trinity, SSM, the White Elephant will be having a huge sale. Please stayed tuned for the times.

For Your Devotions:

Thursday, July 11th is the memorial of Benedict of Nursia, Abbot, died about 547.   I’m sure  you’ll recognize Benedict as the father of Western monasticism as we know it.  Benedict was born in Italy in the late 5th century and began his spiritual career as a hermit. News of his sanctity spread and he was encouraged to become the abbot of a monastery. True to form, the lives of these early church heroes are never easy…Someone did not take kindly to Benedict’s zealous reforms (aimed at adding structure and spirituality to these sometimes questionable institutions), and tried to poison him. Benedict returned to his life as a hermit but, thankfully, returned to monastic life to develop his now famous “Rule” providing the structure of prayer, work, and study for a monk’s day. For more info:

Saturday, July 13th is the commemoration of Henry, Missionary and Bishop in Finland, martyred in 1150.  Despite being venerated as a saint, the life and martyr’s death of Henry, an English bishop, is actually quite mysterious. Among other interesting ‘facts’, his murderer is said to have lost his scalp when he put on the dead bishop’s mitre. For more info:

I pray that you all have a joy-filled week (actually, two joy-filled weeks)!

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