Upcoming Happenings in Algoma Deanery

Good day!

Wednesday, September 4th is the Games Afternoon at the Legion in Richards Landing, 1-3pm. Come play, watch, chat, and enjoy some refreshments. 🙂

Saturday, September 7th is the Church Closet in the hall of St. George’s, Echo Bay (159 Church St.); 10am-1pm.

Sunday, September 8th there is an Evensong at the Cathedral (160 Brock St.); 4pm.

It’s here!  Coffee Break for Alzheimer’s. Please consider using one or more September fellowship times after service to collect money for this ever-increasing community concern.  It’s not too late to get a package from our local Alzheimer Society…let me know if you’d like one (or if you’ve already arranged for one).

Heads Up:  Coming Saturday, September 14th is the Accessories Boutique at the Cathedral; 9am-2pm.  Also included will be small home décor items!

Saturday, September 14th is the final day of the Church Closet. There will be a bag sale that day…$5 to fill a grocery bag with whatever you’d like.

Sunday, September 22nd is “Get ORGANized” at the Cathedral; 7pm. This is a free performance of the new pipe organ for the community to enjoy.

For Your Devotions:

Monday, September 2nd is the memorial of the Martyrs of New Guinea, 1942. Anglican missionaries reached New Guinea in 1891. In 1898 the Anglican Diocese of Papua New Guinea was established and remained a missionary diocese of the Church of England in Australia until 1977, when an autonomous Anglican province, the Church of the Province of Papua New Guinea, was established. During World War II Christian missionaries and the natives of New Guinea suffered greatly from the Japanese invaders. On this day we remember the eight missionaries and two lay persons who, despite knowing the risk, stayed to continue their mission work and ended up losing their lives.  If you’d like more detail, check this out:  http://anglicanhistory.org/aus/png/rowland_faithful1964.html

Tuesday, September 3rd is the memorial of Gregory the Great, Bishop of Rome, who died in 604. Gregory was born into a wealthy, noble family and by the age of 30 held a top administrative position in Rome. He gave it all up to become a monk when his father died. Gregory tried to refuse the position of pope but, when he was elected anyway, he accepted and the rest is history as the saying goes. Gregory did some great things for the church. To find out more, go here:  https://www.christianitytoday.com/history/people/rulers/gregory-great.html

Wednesday, September 4th is the commemoration of the First Anglican Eucharist in Canada, 1578 (441 years ago!).  This eucharist was celebrated on board the ship of the third Frobisher expedition to the Canadian Arctic. For more details about this and a couple of other landmark occasions, you can visit this site: https://www.anglican.ca/ask/faq/first-eucharist-canada/

I hope you all enjoy a joy-filled week!

P.S. Happy Labour Day!

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