This Week and Beyond in Algoma Deanery

Good day!

Wednesday, October 2nd is the Games Afternoon for Seniors at the Legion in Richards Landing, 1-3pm. Play, watch, chat…enjoy refreshments.

Thursday, October 3rd is the White Elephant at Holy Trinity, SSM (352 Northern Ave.); 10am-1pm.

Friday, October 4th is the Coffee Break in support of our local Alzheimer Society at the Synod Office; 2-4pm. Please drop in for coffee, tea, and sweets.

Saturday, October 5th is the Men’s Breakfast at Holy Trinity, SSM (352 Northern Ave.); beginning at 8:30am.

Coming Soon! Colin Walsh in Concert; Friday, October 18th (Bach) and Saturday, October 19th (French Romantics); at St. Luke’s Cathedral; start time both evenings is 7pm. Tickets are $20 each or $30 for the two evenings.

For Your Devotions:

Monday, September 30th is the memorial of Jerome, Teacher of the Faith, who died in 420. Jerome is known as one of the most learned of all of the Latin Church Fathers. You may have heard of his Latin translation of the bible which is called the Vulgate. Jerome was born into a wealthy Christian family and was well-educated. He tried his hand at being a hermit for a couple of years then agreed to be ordained – as long as no priestly functions were forced on him. Hmm… He spent many years travelling and learning from various greats (like Gregory of Nazianzus) then ended up in Rome as secretary to Pope Damasus I.  However, his fiery preaching – reprimanding Roman clergy, lax monks, and hypocritical virgins – created such controversy that he left for the Holy Land. He spent the remainder of his life living in a monastery he’d formed in Bethlehem.  To read more:


Friday, October 4th is the memorial of Francis of Assisi, Friar, who died in 1226. Francis gave up a life of luxury (you must read about him throwing money out a window and standing naked in front of his astonished father and Bishop) to found the Franciscan Order as well as The Poor Clares for women. To think of Francis only as an animal lover is to do him a serious injustice. His goal in life was to become like Christ by conforming completely in mind and heart to the teachings of Jesus. After experiencing a vision of a crucified seraph, witnesses say Francis was marked by the five wounds of the crucified Christ. Apparently, this was the first recorded case of stigmata. To read about this and the other fascinating details of his life, please go here:

Have a great week!

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