Want More People in the Pews? Please Read This

Good morning…it’s all in the way we think – and as Kenda Creasy Dean would say – it’s all in the way we love. Growing the Church is an after-effect of being the Church.  

This article fits in well with the passages from John’s Gospel that we have been hearing each Sunday for the past few weeks of the Easter season (and you’ll hear more this coming Sunday too).  There are so many great quotations in the article but I will settle for sharing this one:

“One of the things hampering 21st century congregations, which have become obsessed with their many shortcomings, has been our insistence on asking, “How can we build a better church?” That is the wrong question. The real question is, “Are we the people Christ calls us to be — human beings in communion with God and one another?” We are not called to build better churches. We are called to be better at being human, better reflections of God’s love, formed in communities of people stumbling toward Jesus, squinting in the dazzling sunlight of new life.”

Please take just a few minutes to read through this article: https://www.churchleadership.com/leading-ideas/christian-social-innovation-starts-with-who-not-why-or-how/

I pray you have a joy-filled day,

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