Algoma Deanery This Week of June 27

Good day,

We are headed towards a long weekend! Yay! On Friday we celebrate our country. We mark 155 years since our official confederation but Canada has been around since Paleo-Indians first arrived thousands of years before . The name “Canada” is believed to have originated from the Huron-Iroquois word “kanata”, meaning “village.”  Europeans apparently first heard this word when French explorer Jacques Cartier was being directed to the village (kanata) of Stadacona in 1535.

Here is a prayer for our country (found on p.678 of our BAS)

Almighty God, you have [provided} this good land as [a shared] heritage. May we prove ourselves a people mindful of your generosity and glad to do your will. Bless [this] land with honest industry, truthful education, and an honourable way of life.  Save us from violence, discord, and confusion; from pride and arrogance; and from every evil course of action. Make us who came from many nations with many different languages a united people. Defend [human] liberties and give those whom we have entrusted with the authority of government the spirit of wisdom, that there may be justice and peace in [the] land.  When times are prosperous, let our hearts be thankful; and, in troubled times, do not let our trust in you fail. We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

It is a beautiful prayer that, perhaps, we should hold before God quite regularly.  Our country could use the help. 🙂  

For Your Devotions:

Tuesday, June 28th is the memorial of Irenaeus, Bishop Lyons, Teacher of the Faith, died about 202. Irenaeus was one of the main opponents to Gnosticism (a heresy which threatened the early Church). Through his writings against Gnosticism, we have Irenaeus to thank in large part for our current Apostles’ Creed, the canon of Scripture, and the authority of the episcopal office. He is thought to have been born around 120 A.D. and to have died about 202 or 203 A.D.  Irenaeus knew Polycarp who, reportedly, knew John the Apostle…I think that’s cool! For more info:
 Wednesday, June 29th is the Holy Day of the Apostles St. Peter and St. Paul. If your church is named after one of these saints, you can transfer this day to Sunday. Have you ever wondered why the two greatest apostles of the early Church share a Holy Day? This is because they are believed to have been martyred during the same persecution of Christians by Nero in 64 A.D. (They are celebrated separately, Peter for his Confession and Paul for his Conversion, on our calendar as well). To read about these biblical greats, have a look at p.208… 

Well….short and sweet today.  

I pray that the joy and hope found in Christ permeates your life and spills out into the world!


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