Worship Service Info: Passion Sunday through Easter

There will be various opportunities to gather in worship across our deanery in the coming week from the Sunday of the Passion: Palm Sunday, through Holy Week and, of course, on the Sunday of the Resurrection: Easter Day. This list is not complete and, hopefully will be added to. You can also find the contact info for a church in your area and give them a call.

Wawa/White River (“in the church” is St. Paul’s in Wawa)

Palm Sunday Next week In the Church 10:00
Good Friday United Church 11:15
Saturday Easter Vigil St.Monica’s 7:00
Easter Sunday In the Church 10:30

Christ Church (Allen’s Side Rd., SSM)

April 2 – 9:30 the Sunday of the Passion, Holy Communion and Liturgy of the Palms 

April 6 – 7:00 Maundy Thursday, Holy Communion 

April 7 – 2:00 Good Friday Service 

April 9 – 9:30 Easter Service, Holy Communion 

Emmaus Anglican Church, 1643 Wellington St. E., Sault Ste Marie, Ontario P6A 2R8, 705.759.2545

The Sunday of the Passion with the Liturgy of the Palms – April 2nd 10:30am – Holy Eucharist

Maundy Thursday – April 6th 7pm – Holy Eucharist with Foot Washing and the Stripping of the Altar

Good Friday – April 7th 10:30am – Prayer and Meditation on the Cross of Jesus

Holy Saturday – April 8th 8pm – The Great Vigil of Easter Holy Eucharist and Service of Light with Baptism/Renewal of Baptismal Vows

Resurrection of our Lord – April 9th 10:30am –Holy Eucharist

*Second Sunday of Easter – April 16th 8:30am – Holy Communion (BCP) 10am – Holy Eucharist (BAS)

*Please note: We are moving our 10:30am Sunday morning service time to 10am permanently beginning on The Second Sunday of Easter April 16th 2023

Parish of St. Joseph & St. George

April 2: The Sunday of the Passion: Palm Sunday is at 10am at St. George, Echo Bay

April 6: Maundy Thursday: Holy Eucharist and Foot washing – 5pm at Holy Trinity, Jocelyn Township and 7pm at St. George, Echo Bay

April 9: The Sunday of the Resurrection: Easter Day – 6:45am, Lighting of the New Fire & Holy Eucharist at Holy Trinity, Jocelyn Township; 11am Holy Eucharist at Holy Trinity, Jocelyn Township (both services followed by pancakes and maple syrup); and 9am Holy Eucharist and Baptism at St. George, Echo Bay

For Church of the Redeemer, Thessalon and St. Saviour’s in Blind River:

Sunday April 2 will be Passion Sunday with Rev. Bob Elkin.
We will be having Maundy  Thursday stripping of the alter, with readings at 2:00 p.m.
Good Friday we will be participating in a Holy Walk of the Cross, starting at Thessalon Bible Chappel, to Zion United, to Church of the Redeemer and ending at St. Ambrose Catholic where a light lunch will be available after the service.
Easter Sunday service with Rev. Dawn Henderson.

Zion Lutheran on Upton St. (at Wellington) Sault Ste Marie

Sunday, April 2 – Palm Sunday at 10am; Finnish Worship (Palm Sunday/Easter) at 2pm at Suomi Eesti Maja

Wednesday, April 5 – Stations of the Cross at 6pm

Thursday, April 6 – Maundy Thursday 5:30 simple soup supper; 6:30 worship with communion & stripping of the altar

Friday, April 7 – Good Friday at 10am

Sunday, April 9 – Easter Sunday Sunrise Worship with United Churches at Bellevue Park at 7am; Lutheran Worship at 10am
Potluck brunch to follow (to be confirmed)

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