Algoma Deanery Week of April 17, 2023

Good day,

Awesome Opportunity For You!! Monday, May 1, 9:30am, St. George in Echo Bay (159 Church Street)…Come enjoy a free continental-style breakfast while listening to O.P.P Constable Peter Van Dem Diepstraten educate us on all of the scams out there and what we can do to protect ourselves as well as what to do if we are scammed. Please tell your congregations about this, too. 

Incumbents, Wardens, Treasurers, etc.: Deanery Council is this Saturday, April 22, 10am-1pm at St. James’, Goulais River. 

Echo Bay For Sale: Saturday, May 6, beginning at 8am (going until about 2pm) at St. George, Echo Bay…Treasures, food and baking! Come on out and enjoy!

Accessory Boutique: Saturday, May 6 at the cathedral, 10am-3pm. Jewellry, purses, scarves, and more!

A Liturgical Note For You:

The Importance of Water (Baptism) in Easter 

Yesterday (Sunday) was the final day of the Octave of Easter but we are still in the Great 50 Days of Easter. The Day of Pentecost is the 50th day of Easter (Pentecost is not the beginning of a new season of Pentecost…there is no such thing! We mark the Sundays after Pentecost) So…we continue to proclaim: “Alleluia! Christ is risen. The Lord is risen indeed. Alleluia!” until, and on, the Day of Pentecost.

Why are we so happy about Jesus being risen? Because, since Jesus has new life in glory in God’s kingdom, so now do we.  And we are given this amazing gift through the mystery of baptism.  

Water is the most obvious symbol (though not the only symbol) of baptism. In fact, the word baptism comes from a Greek word that means “to plunge.”  If you know your bible at all, as I’m sure you do, you’ll know that you cannot get very far without coming across a reference to water.  From God’s Spirit moving over the waters at the time of creation to Noah and the flood to Jonah and the whale…the life-giving, life-taking images of water overflow from the Hebrew Scriptures and continue into the New Testament as well. 

Jesus gives us a new twist on the thinking of water as the symbol of purification and cleanliness.  When Jesus gets down on his knees and washes his disciples’ feet, water and washing also become for us a symbol of servanthood born of the love we are commanded to have for one another.   

There are so many things to say about water as it is referenced throughout all of the bible – perhaps some that never struck you as important before. In Mark’s Gospel, when Jesus wants his disciples to be able to meet with him to eat the Passover meal, he uses water as a means for them to find their way to the right place. Jesus tells them that, when they go into the city, they will meet a man with a water jar. They are to follow that man to the chosen location (Mark 14:13).  Through the waters of baptism, we, too, are led into the presence of Christ.  

All that being said (and much left unsaid!), I pray that you will see plenty of water flowing into the baptismal font each Sunday of Easter. 🌊 🌊 🌊😊 

Since we are no longer in the Octave of Easter, we are able to return to our calendar observances but, even so, there is only one…

For Your Devotions:

Friday, April 21st is the memorial of Anselm, Archbishop of Canterbury, Teacher of the Faith, died 1109. Anselm contributed a lot to our faith as we know it. He coined the phrase “Faith Seeking Understanding” in reference to theology (yes, faith and reason are compatible) and he formed the model of atonement known as “The Satisfaction Theory of Atonement” based on the feudal system in Great Britain of which he was a part. In this theory, Anselm says Jesus gave himself as a gift to appease an angry God so that we wouldn’t have to die.  Although his theory has merit in certain respects, many scholars take issue with certain points – especially the angry God part. There is a lot to be said against the angry God idea but let me just point out that, throughout the entirety of the passion narrative – no matter which Gospel you read – the only anger on display is that of humankind.  To read more p.146:

In the joy and hope of the risen Christ,


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