CLAY Fundraiser

It all started with a question… Where is my Deanery of Algoma shirt?onlineimage

At Youth Synod 2017, Bishop Anne wore a different shirt representing each of the deaneries… all except the Deanery of Algoma.  This sparked a conversation suggesting the creation of a Deanery of Algoma logo and in turn, getting shirts made and selling them as a fundraiser to help cover the cost to send youth from the Diocese to the 2018 Canadian Lutheran and Anglican Youth (CLAY) gathering.

The logo was designed by Logan Rayment, and characterizes the Deanery of Algoma area utilizing blue as the main colour to represent area rivers, green to represent our green landscape and gold to represent the sun. The shape of the logo is similar to that of a canoe to represent Indigenous peoples and communities within the deanery.

Polo shirts, T-shirts, and Hoodies available!  See the link below for styles, prices and how to order!


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