Really Important Event…

Good day, everyone!
The Church Closet, St. George’s Echo Bay (159 Church Street) is open for business again this upcoming Saturday…10am-2pm. If you know of any families in that area who could use a service like this (i.e. super inexpensive clothes and household items), please let them know about The Church Closet.
The really important event I mentioned….
Bishop Rob Hardwick is cycling across Canada to raise money and awareness for unity, healing, and reconciliation in the Anglican Church! What an adventurous and ambitious undertaking!! For those of you in the Sault Ste Marie/Garden River area, we will be hosting a potluck dinner and service with Bishop Rob at the Garden River Community Centre on Saturday, June 23rd from 4pm-7pm. Bishop Rob is scheduled to arrive at the Cathedral at about 4pm that day so you can meet him there and make him feel loved and appreciated 🙂 then cycle with him to Garden River (I believe Bishop Anne is breaking out her bicycle) or, you can be like me and drive to Garden River with food for the potluck. If you want to cycle AND bring food, drop the food off at the Synod Office by 4pm and I’ll drive it over. I would expect that the meal will actually begin around 5 or 5:30 pm (depending on how quickly everyone cycles to the Community Centre).
For your devotions this week:
Monday, June 4th (today) is the commemoration of Pope John XXIII. Why?…In his openness to change, he convoked the Second Vatican Council which reformed the Roman Catholic Church. His life is fascinating…born poor, the oldest son of 13, sent off at age 11 to become a priest…He never used his position to benefit his family and bequeathed each living member of his family just $20 at his death – the sum total of his personal fortune. To read more about this:
Tuesday, June 5th is the memorial of missionary and martyr, Boniface of Mainz. He was born, named Wynfrid, around 675 AD, into a noble English family but chose to become a Benedictine monk and then priest. He turned down the position of abbot in order to instead risk his life as the “apostle of Germany”. He was murdered by pagans as he read the Scriptures to Christian novices on Pentecost Sunday in 754 AD. More info:
Wednesday, June 6th is the commemoration of William Grant Broughton, First Anglican Bishop in Australia. It’s an interesting read if you’d like to learn more:
Saturday, June 9th is the memorial of Columba, the Abbot of Iona and missionary. He was born in about 521 AD and is traditionally credited with converting those Scottish heathens (my mum was born in Scotland) to Christianity. For more info:
I think that’s it…Remember the cycling bishop event…I hope to see as many of you there as possible!
Have a wonderful week full of God’s blessings!

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