Algoma Deanery Happenings

Good day!

Thursday, September 27th is a busy day! You can start your day at The White Elephant at Holy Trinity, SSM (352 Northern Ave.); 10:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Also on Thursday, at Algoma University (Rm.205 East Wing of Shingwauk Hall – the main building) is the Healing and Reconciliation Through Education Community Dialogue. 12 – 2 pm. This includes lunch and a tour of the Reclaiming Shingwauk Hall exhibition – I highly recommend it (I’ll be there!)

Continuing…the Alzheimer’s Society fundraiser “Coffee Break”. Please consider putting out a jar to collect loose change for this worthy cause. (You can ask me for details about dealing with the money collected…

For Your Devotions:

Tuesday, September 25th is the commemoration of Sergius, Abbot of Holy Trinity, Moscow, and Spiritual Teacher, who died in 1392. At a young age, Sergius and his brother decided to become hermits living in the Russian forest. However, in a time when Christians in Russia were disheartened and confused, news of their wisdom, gentleness, compassion, and spirituality spread and they soon had a monastery forming around them. Sergius was instrumental in the eventual formation of an independent Russia. To find out more:

Wednesday, September 26th is the commemoration of Lancelot Andrewes, Bishop of Winchester, who died in 1626 (I love his name – reminds me of Sir Lancelot of Arthurian legend). Andrewes is one of the greatest Anglican scholars – he knew 15 languages and contributed greatly to the King James Version of the Bible.  You can read more here:

Saturday, September 29th is the Holy Day of St. Michael and All Angels (Michaelmas). This is also known as “Goose Day” since a well fattened goose was eaten to protect against financial disaster for the coming year. Scottish people cooked St. Michael’s Bannock (a large scone cake) on a lamb skin (thank goodness my mum left out that part of the tradition). Scottish people also had the tradition of allowing you to steal your neighbour’s horse on the Eve of Michaelmas, ride it all the next day, and then return it. Those Scotts! 🙂 Blackberries had to be picked before “Old Michaelmas Day” because you couldn’t eat them after that – it has to do with Lucifer having a bit of a temper…To find out more:

Have a wonderful week!

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