This Week in Algoma Deanery

Good day, everyone!

Thursday, February 21st is the White Elephant at Holy Trinity, SSM (352 Northern Ave.); 10:30am – 1:00pm

Saturday, February 23rd is St. Luke’s Junior Girls’ and Boys’ Auxiliaries (160 Brock St.); 12-1:30pm

AND…Saturday, February 23rd is The Coldest Night of the Year walk to raise money and awareness regarding the issue of homelessness. Many in our community are in precarious financial situations…using the food bank and other services, one disaster away from being in dire financial straits. Thanks for all of you who have donated so far. There’s still time to help us make a difference in the lives of those struggling in our communities. If you’re in or near the Soo, please join us at St. Vincent Place, 4pm on Saturday (walk starts shortly after 5pm). If you’re not close at hand or unable to walk, please consider holding your own event…serve hot drinks and cookies inside and raise money for a food bank or shelter in your community. Or…You can donate to one of our deanery’s teams: The Trinity Trotters (team captain W Pat Brown) at

Also available is The Emmaus Walking Angels (team captain Betty Sim) at

***Coming Quickly…Saturday March 9th at Holy Trinity, SSM (352 Northern Ave) 10am – 2pm is “Mirror of the Soul: Delving More Deeply into the Psalms” Psalm Workshop and Retreat in Three Parts: 1. Experience the psalms in several different prayerful ways  2. The Psalms as Poetry and “Prayer Book”: information to deepen your understanding of the psalms and 3. “Dash their little ones against a rock?!: Should we be talking like that?”: exploring the psalms of imprecation and lament.  Please bring your own lunch. I’ll bring the coffee, tea, snacks, and dessert. Please RSVP to me (Susan) by March 4th ( so that I can prepare enough handouts and food.

For Your Devotions:

Saturday, February 23rd is the memorial of Polycarp, Bishop of Smyrna who was martyred in 156. I find it really exciting that Polycarp is said to have been a disciple of John the Apostle. Polycarp fought against the heresy of Gnosticism (Gnostics believed salvation was attained through secret spiritual knowledge). The Gnostics had claimed Paul as their guiding influence but Polycarp’s Letter to the Philippians very importantly reclaimed Paul for the orthodox church. Unfortunately, Polycarp was a victim during a Roman persecution of the Church. The pagan Roman governor tried to burn Polycarp at the stake but witnesses say the flames only formed a vault around him, not burning him. A Roman soldier was sent in to the flames to stab him. To read more:  and p.86-7 of For All the Saints here:

Have a wonderful day!

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