Algoma Deanery Stuff

Good day, everyone!

Thursday, February 28 is the White Elephant at Holy Trinity, SSM (352 Northern Avenue); 10:30am-1pm. (It’s also clericus in case you wonder why your incumbents don’t answer your calls or emails that morning) 🙂

Friday, March 1st is the World Day of Prayer for Missions…Check with your incumbent (but not on Thursday morning) to find out the location nearest to you.

Saturday, March 2nd is the Men’s Breakfast at Holy Trinity, SSM; starting at 8:30am.  It’s also Deanery Council next door at the Trinity Centre; 9:30am-2:00pm so, gentlemen, if you’d like a delicious breakfast before the meeting…

Also on Saturday, is the St. Luke’s Junior Girls’ and Boys’ Auxiliaries at the Cathedral, 12-1:30pm.

This coming Sunday, March 3rd is the Last Sunday after the Epiphany (Transfiguration Sunday) which means Lenten Lunches will be starting soon. Please join us each Wednesday during Lent, beginning March 13th, at Zion Lutheran, SSM (corner of Wellington and Upton Rd.) from 12-1pm.

Saturday, March 9th is “Mirror of the Soul: Delving More Deeply into the Psalms; A Retreat and Workshop in Three Parts”.  It’s upstairs at Holy Trinity Church, SSM; 10am-2pm. Please bring a bagged lunch and I’ll provide the rest. Let me know by Monday, March 4th if you’re coming so that I can make enough snacks and desserts (and have enough handouts, too, of course). 🙂 For more information: Mirror of the Soul Psalm Retreat and Workshop

For Your Devotions:

Monday, February 25th is the commemoration of Philip Lindel Tsen, Bishop of Honan, died 1954 and Paul Shinji Sasaki, Bishop of Mid-Japan and Tokyo, died 1946 (moved from Sunday, of course). Lindel Tsen was born into poverty and homeless by the age of 14. He overcame his circumstances to become educated, ordained, and the first Chinese bishop to attend a Lambeth Conference. Both men remembered today travelled to Canada to attest to the unity between their two churches (China and Japan) in spite of the war. After the war, Tsen was placed under house arrest by the communist government. Meanwhile in Japan, the government tried to force all protestant churches to join together as one. As leader of the Anglican church, Sasaki refused for several reasons but, most importantly, because the new united church did not accept the Apostles’ Creed. For his resistance, Sasaki was harassed, imprisoned, and tortured. To read more…  and

Tuesday, February 26th is the memorial of Florence Li Tim-Oi, Priest, died 1992. Florence was a deacon for several years when, for reasons due to the war a priest could no longer travel to provide her flock with the Holy Eucharist, in January of 1944 the Bishop of Hong Kong ordained her as a priest…The first female priest in the Anglican Communion! This, of course, was controversial but her quiet grace and profound faith and dedication opened many eyes to the work of God through women in our church. Florence had offered up her priest’s licence, after the war, to quiet the controversy. This was reinstated, with much rejoicing, in Canada in 1984. To read more about this extraordinary lady, go here:

Wednesday, February 27th is the commemoration of George Herbert, Priest and Poet, died 1633.  George was Welsh but spent most of his life in England. He was born into a wealthy family and was sent off to be educated at Cambridge with the intention of becoming a priest. He was side-tracked for a number of years by a position as the university’s orator and then life at court. When King James I died, George turned his attention back to the priesthood and, after his ordination, was beloved by his parishioners for his dedication to holding daily Morning and Evening Prayer in the church, his kindness, and his generosity. He died of consumption, just seven years into his priesthood, before his 40th birthday. He wrote the words to one of my favourite hymns…King of Glory, King of Peace. For more info:

Friday, March 1st is the memorial of David, Bishop of Menevia, Wales, died about 544.  David is the patron saint of Wales, often depicted with a white dove on his shoulder because of a popular legend…Apparently, as he was preaching one day, the land beneath him grew into a hill so that he could more easily be seen and heard – and a white dove landed on his shoulder and stayed there as he was preaching. David had been determined to lead a quiet life in a monastery he’d founded but the people (and God) had other plans for him and he was reluctantly made a bishop. So much for a quiet, secluded life. To read more…

Saturday, March 2nd is the commemoration of Chad, Bishop of Lichfield, Missionary, died 672. Chad is credited with having Christianized the English kingdom of Mercia but that almost didn’t happen…Chad was originally consecrated as the Bishop of York but, apparently someone else had as well. Oops. The Archbishop of Canterbury charged Chad with improper ordination and Chad resigned. The Archbishop was impressed with Chad’s humility and made sure he was ordained as a bishop elsewhere…in Mercia. To read more…

I think that’s it. Enjoy your week! (And Happy Shovelling!)

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