Week of July 29th…

Good day!

There is just one item on the event calendar for this week:

Saturday, August 3rd is the Church Closet in the parish hall of St. George’s in Echo Bay. There will be a “Trunk Sale” on that Saturday which means there will be extra vendors hanging out in the parking lot to sell more treasures. If you like one stop yard sale shopping, come check it out. 🙂  (159 Church St. – super easy to find).

For Your Devotions:

Monday, July 29th is the commemoration of William Wilberforce, Social Reformer, died 1833. William was a wealthy young politician who did not begin his advocacy for moral reformation in England until he experienced a personal transformation as a Christian. He came to the realization that being a Christian actually meant living differently and so he became more than a “name only” Christian and actively lived his Christian faith. Among other activities, William began a 40 year campaign for emancipation of all slaves in the entire British Empire. This didn’t go over well with rich landowners who relied on slave labour…to read more, check out page 226:    https://www.anglican.ca/wp-content/uploads/ForAlltheSaints.pdf

August 3rd is the Holy Day of St. Stephen, Deacon and Martyr (if you didn’t already observe the day in December), martyred in 36 CE. Stephen’s ministry was to the Greek-speaking Jews, some of whom opposed his proclamation of Jesus as the Messiah and arranged for him to put on trial, claiming that he was blaspheming against Moses and Abraham. In a trial reminiscent of that of Jesus, Stephen was found guilty and was stoned to death in about 34 AD. For more information:  https://www.thoughtco.com/saint-stephen-542519

Hope you have a wonderful week!

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