Coming Up in Algoma Deanery

Hi everyone!

Saturday, August 10th is the Church Closet in the parish hall of St. George, Echo Bay (159 Church St.); 10am-1pm.

Sunday, August 11th is the “Gospel Sing” at St. James, Goulais River (on Anglican Church Road); 7pm.  There will be a live band!!

Important Heads Up:  Coffee Break for Alzheimer’s is coming quickly!! Please stay tuned for more information about this fundraiser that will take place in September!


For Your Devotions:

Tuesday, August 6th, is The Holy Day of The Transfiguration of the Lord. Peter, James, and John were invited to accompany Jesus to the mountain top where they were astounded to see Christ’s glory revealed to them for a brief time.  It is “a manifestion of the truth that Jesus is not only the messenger of salvation but also the saving message itself.”  You’ll find this quotation and more info on p.230 of For All the Saints:

Wednesday, Aug. 7th is the commemoration of the presbyter, John Mason Neale, died 1866. Born in 1818, Neale lived in a time when Anglicans and Roman Catholics were still wary of each other. He was often the target of violence from those who considered him to be an “agent of the Vatican” sent to destroy the Anglican Church. To read more:

Thursday, Aug. 8th is the memorial of Dominic, Priest and Friar, who died in 1221. Dominic was a Spanish aristocrat who, concerned with the violence used to combat heresy, founded the Order of Preachers to combat heresy with sound theology and teaching. The order became known as the Dominicans or “Black Friars” in England. For more info:

Saturday, Aug. 10th is the memorial of Laurence, Deacon and Martyr at Rome in 258. You really must read about this deacon of Rome. He was reportedly roasted alive (yes, ‘roasted’) after being very cunningly cheeky about the “treasures of the church”. Want to know what I’m talking about? Check it out:

Have a wonderful week!


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