Deanery of Algoma Events

Happy Fourth Monday of Advent (also known as Christmas Eve this year)!

Heads Up:

“Rock-A-Thon” to address homelessness! Our National Youth Project (Anglican & Lutheran), which is ongoing until the CLAY of 2020, is called “Welcome…Home”. It is a project to raise awareness and money in support of the efforts to address the rise of homelessness across Canada. The issue is on the rise in our deanery too and it’s not just drug addicts and wayward youth. We have an increasing number of senior citizens not only at risk but also on the streets, using shelters, and using the food banks…The Parish of St. Joseph & St. George will be “rocking” (in rocking chairs) for the cause. From now until our Grand Finale on January 13th, we will be knitting warm hats, mitts, scarves, and socks as well as collecting money. Everything made and collected will be given to St. Vincent Place and to local foodbanks. After the Christmas rush of giving, these places fall by the wayside in January and February. We would love your support to help us make this a success. More info:

Who: The Parish of St. Joseph & St. George (and as many of you as possible!)

What: 1. knitting/crocheting/collecting hats, mitts, scarves, & socks for St.
                Vincent Place, Sault Ste Marie
            2. Collecting items for local foodbanks

3. Collecting money to give to St. Vincent Place & to the foodbanks

When:   Grand Finale Sunday, January 13th!

Where:  St. George’s Church Hall, Echo Bay, 11:00am – 1:00pm

The Town Hall, Richard’s Landing, 1:00pm – 3:00pm

How you can help:  1.  donations can be mailed to Box 61, Richards Landing, ON, P0R 1J0                                          (please write: Rock-A-Thon on your cheques)
                                     2.  donations/knitted items/food items can be brought to the Synod                                                Office if you’re in the area (as of January 2nd)

3.  Come to one of our Grand Finale locations on January 13th

Your support is immensely appreciated!  Thank you!

Also ahead:

Christ Church, SSM, is offering sewing lessons to students 9 years of age and up. First day is Saturday, January 12th, and then each Saturday until the end of February. The information is attached. Sewing Lessons Christ Church

The World Religion Day Celebration is Sunday, January 20th; 2pm at Central United Church (160 Spring St., SSM)

For Your Devotions:

Tuesday, December 25th is The Birth of the Lord. I don’t think I need to say more about this particular feast. It is the remembrance and celebration of the day God became flesh and dwelt among us.

Wednesday, December 26th is the Holy Day of St. Stephen, Deacon and Martyr. The alternate date for this Holy Day is August 3rd. Stephen is the first recorded martyr who died for his faith in Jesus Christ and thus is often referred to as the “protomartyr.”  We first hear of Stephen when he is one of the seven deacons chosen and ordained in Acts 6.  It wasn’t long before a deadly plot was hatched against this preacher of the Good News and Stephen was charged with blasphemy then stoned to death. Luke makes sure we know that the person before whom Stephen’s killers laid their garments was none other than Saul (later called “Paul”, who would become one of the Lord’s greatest disciples).  More info:

Thursday, December 27th is the Holy Day of Saint John, Apostle and Evangelist. The alternate date for this Holy Day is May 6th. John is also called “Saint John the Divine.” In Christian tradition, John is one of the twelve apostles of Jesus, he is the son of Zebedee and brother to James, and author of three letters and the Gospel of John.  Some also attribute the Book of Revelation to him as well. Of course, scholars debate whether or not he actually wrote those things but, regardless, he was an important leader in the early Church in Jerusalem.  John was also one of the three apostles (Peter, James, John) who formed Jesus’ intimate inner circle.  For more information – and some interesting legends:

Friday, December 28th is the Holy Day of The Holy Innocents. The alternate date for this Holy Day is January 11th.  This is the remembrance of the innocent children slaughtered in Bethlehem on the order of King Herod the Great in his attempt to kill Jesus. This feast most likely originally shared the day of The Epiphany but eventually was designated its own day of observance.  It was a day of fasting and mourning. In fact, in medieval England, children were reminded of the solemnity of the day by being whipped in bed.  What a way to start your day!  For more info:

Saturday, December 29th is the commemoration of Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury, who died in 1170.  Thomas began his career as an accountant but was eventually made Chancellor to King Henry II. For political reasons, Henry wanted to make Thomas the Archbishop. Thomas argued against this but was ordained anyway. This is the point at which Thomas became both devout and austere, baffling those around him.  He began to butt heads with Henry over many issues and lived in exile for about six years. He was welcomed back but some harsh words of Henry – which some knights took literally – led to Thomas’ murder in the Cathedral as Thomas staunchly defended his faith in Christ to the end.  For more info:

I pray for a wonderful Christmas season for all of you!

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