Algoma Deanery Happenings

Happy Seventh Day of Christmas!

Tuesday, January 1st is the New Year’s Day Open House at Bishophurst (134 Simpson St.); 2-4pm. If you’re in the area, drop in for some fellowship and refreshments!

Saturday, January 5th is the Men’s Breakfast at Holy Trinity, SSM  (352 Northern Ave.), beginning at 8:30 a.m.

Looking Ahead…

The Rock-A-Thon to address homelessness is ongoing until Jan.13th! If you can help by knitting/buying warm items (hats, mitts, scarves, socks) or sending a donation (cheques to The Parish of St. Joseph & St. George, Box 61, Richards Landing, ON, P0R 1J0; with “Rock-A-Thon” in the memo line) that’d be awesome! You can also drop items/donations off at the Synod Office if you’re in the area and I’ll pick them up. The parish is doing this to support the National Youth Project called “Welcome…Home” which is ongoing until the next CLAY gathering in 2020.

So, along that same line…The Coldest Night walk to raise money and awareness to address homelessness is on Saturday, February 23rd. Please consider putting together a team and let’s see what Algoma Deanery can do together! If you’re not in or near Sault Ste Marie and there isn’t a walk in your community, you could arrange an evening of collecting donations while passing out hot apple cider/hot chocolate/whatever in your church building or other suitable location.  You would then give the money to your local foodbank or shelter.  Just let me know ( how much you collect so that I can publish an article for our deanery. Our communities need to know that we are living the gospel.

Sunday, January 20th is the World Religion Day Celebration, Central United Church (160 Spring, St. SSM); beginning at 2pm.

Sewing lessons at Christ Church, SSM, begin Saturday, January 12th! I’ve attached the poster so that you can get all of the details. Sewing Lessons Christ Church

If I’ve missed any events (I’m not 100% sure what regular stuff is on this week since it’s the holidays), please send me an email to let me know (

For Your Devotions:

December 31st is the commemoration of John West, missionary in Red River; died 1845. John West was a chaplain for the Hudson Bay Company and was the first Anglican priest in Western Canada. He founded a school as well as a small church that eventually became the Cathedral of St. John in Winnipeg. In addition to his work for the Church, John West is known for the Indigenous artifacts that he was given and collected during his time in Red River. After being passed down through his family, these precious artifacts are now in the Manitoba Museum of Man and Nature. Of particular note is that one of West’s converts – Henry Budd – became the first Indigenous Canadian to be ordained as an Anglican priest. For more information:

January 1st is the Holy Day of The Naming of Jesus.  This Holy Day comes eight days after Jesus’ birth (when he would have been circumcised) and, if it falls on a Sunday, it takes precedence. Jesus is the Greek form of the Hebrew name Yeshua (to deliver/to rescue).  As our Deliverer, we have many (about 200!) names/titles for Jesus. If you’d like to check some of them out, go here:

January 2nd is the memorial of Basil the Great and Gregory of Nazianzus, Bishops and two of the famous Cappadocian Fathers. Basil and Gregory were best friends in the 4th century and were extremely important figures in defending the orthodox faith against various heresies, especially Arianism (the belief that Jesus was semi-divine, a lesser being created by God). Along with Athanasius, these men were also crucial in establishing the place of the Holy Spirit in the Trinity – that the Holy Spirit was, in fact, God.  Without the efforts of these men, it is quite possible that we would not hold our Trinitarian beliefs today. For more info:

Have a blessed Christmas season!

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